• Optimal Ranging

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  • Orion configurations support cable and pipeline tracking at up to 2000 meter depths. Multi-sensor systems can be mounted in any arbitrary geometry for many platforms. An increased number of sensors improve the robustness of the tracked positions.

  • Neutrally buoyant X-Wing frame can be towed at up to 100 meter depths and carries 2 or 4 sensors, the E-pod, and an optional altimeter

  • A simple depressor wing holding just two sensors flies stably over the bottom, capturing cable/pipeline burial depth when used in conjunction with any of three hydrographic surveying software systems (QINSy, EIVA NaviScan, HYPACK)

  • Orion can be the basis of depth of burial studies for pipeline river crossings, submarine HVAC power cables, long HVDC export cables, and subsea pipeline freespan detection

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Geospatial positioning

Operators of utility networks place a high priority on their health and safety.

This includes maintaining an accurate record of their geospatial position and overall condition. ORI products are designed to assist in this data collection process from a survey perspective.