Optimal Ranging, is a leading provider of products for surveying utility infrastructure worldwide including Electric, Oil & Gas, and Telecommunications transmission and distribution systems.

Operators of these utility networks place a high priority on their health and safety, which includes maintaining an accurate record of their geospatial position and overall condition. ORI products are designed to assist in this data collection process from a survey perspective, whether these utilities are located underground, underwater in rivers, lakes or near-shore, or offshore marine environments.


    Includes MultiSens technology and is available in two, four, and six sensor configurations
  • Underwater Surveying

    The Underwater Rig allows surveying utilities in deep water. Submerged in water it may be towed or fixed mounted on a vessel, i.e. ROV
  • Geospatial Surveying

    The Spar 300 products offer a comprehensive approach for surveying underground utilities and are integrated with standard surveying equipment.
  • Cable and Pipeline

    The Spar 300s provide an accurate way to survey underground utilities with coordinates readily available on standard systems.
  • Dual Spar

    Dual Spar 300 radically extend the measurement range, allowing accurate surveying of restricted access, deep, and underwater utilities



ORION is our flagship product for offshore utility survey and includes our new MultiSens™ technology. It is available in two, four, and six sensor configurations for high-fidelity tracking of underwater cables and pipelines. ORION can be mounted on various platforms, including sleds and ROV's, and is rated to a depth of 2000 m.

LIBRA is a replacement for Optimal Ranging's FieldSens underwater surveying equipment. Like FieldSens it is designed to be towed by a boat or other vessel from the surface and may also be fixed-mounted directly on the vessel. 

Both systems are integrated with leading hydrographic survey software including EIVA, QINSy, and HYPACK.

The ORION and LIBRA underwater utility survey systems both bring the power of model-based processing to cable and pipeline Depth of Burial (DoB) surveys. The method is based on the optimization of data from multiple sensors against a model of the magnetic field expected from a utility line carrying an AC tone (actively applied or passively present). System accuracy is estimated and presented in real-time.

Magnetic field distortion due to co-linear underwater conductors can occur when multiple pipelines share a right of way, or multiple wind farm power cables are closely spaced at landfall. Both systems self-identify these errors and presents them as confidence intervals on the measured Depth of Burial. In the 4 or 6 sensor MultiSens™ configuration, ORION can decouple this distortion from the target pipeline or cable, resulting in a more accurate Depth of Burial estimate, with an improved confidence interval.

The ORION and LIBRA sensor arrays only needs to be brought in the approximate vicinity of the utility line to calculate a relative position. Using at least two 3D magnetic field sensors, a triaxal accelerometer and digital compass, The systems identify the horizontal offset, vertical depth, tone current strength and yaw angle to the buried utility regardless of its position and relative orientation in the radiated magnetic field. ORION and LIBRA can be controlled and interrogated using standardized NMEA commands over a serial data link using RS485/RS232 protocol. ORION also supports system control and data acquisition over an ROV's local area network. 

Utility Surveying - Overview

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Purchasing information

Utilities and surveyors note:

Our Spar products are available from many Trimble survey distributors in the US, Europe and elsewhere. Orion and Libra are available from various distributors as well as directly from Optimal Ranging.

Please contact sales@optimalranging.com or call +1-408-715-1222 for information about distributors in your area.

Windforce 2014

The Windforce 2014 Trade Fair and Conference is undoubtedly one of the key events for the offshore wind industry. Taking place in Bremen June 17 - 19, this year it included experts from around the world. They discussed markets, projects, environmental protection and research, and exhibitors presented their products and services. Exhibitors included manufacturers, planners and operators, service and logistics companies as well as research institutes, suppliers and insurers.

The opportunity to present their underwater surveying technology at Windforce 2014 was exciting for Optimal Ranging and provided a way to introduce the new ORION and LIBRA products to many interested parties.

ORION Performance Demonstrated

Optimal Ranging was invited by Statnett, NorwayStatnett headquarters, for a survey of HVDC cables. Statnett is continuously on the lookout for new and useful technology and saw the potential offered by Optimal Ranging's products. The equipment lived up to its promise and delivered excellent results for two of Statnett's DC cables.

ORION will be used for other upcoming Statnett surveys and is expected to continue to perform to their expectations.


 Optimal Ranging is pleased to announce formation of DOBStar , LLC, a joint venture with Deep BV, which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. DOBstar logoDOBstar will focus on promoting Optimal Ranging’s products for offshore utility survey. Deep BV is a leading international engineering and survey company specializing in hydrography, geophysics and oceanography. DeepBV logo As the name implies, DOBstar focuses on “depth of burial” surveys, which is critical for offshore utilities. To support these surveys, DOBstar will provide Optimal Ranging’s next-generation offshore survey equipment and expert personnel to test, evaluate, and conduct surveys.


Efficient Underwater Surveying

Optimal Ranging's highly specialized underwater equipment saves significant time and effort when surveying utilities in deep or inaccessible water, reducing or removing the need for deploying divers or other labor-intensive methods. Read more in the Orion section...

Extended Range and Accuracy

The novel collaborative deployment of two Spar receivers significantly extends the measurement range of traditional locating methods. This makes accurate locating and mapping of deep utilities possible, as well as enabling the surveyor to work around restricted or inaccessible areas. Read more in the Spar product description...

Technology and Quality Assessment

Optimal Ranging's technology is based on the same principles as traditional underground locating methods, but extends it in several ways. Every measurement is accompanied by an error estimate, allowing the user to quantitatively assess the quality of their measurements, allows locating away from the centerline, and is fully integrated into the surveying workflow. See more in the Technology Overview...

Trimble Access Integration

Trimble Access is today's standard for surveying the location of above-ground assets. Optimal Ranging's Spar 300 products are fully integrated with this environment and extend its capabilities to underground utilities, yielding accurate 3-D coordinates of those assets in a CAD-compatible format. See more in the Software Overview...