• Geospatial Utility Surveying

    The Spar 300 products offer a comprehensive approach for surveying underground utilities. The Spar uses the same quality metrics as for the corresponding above-ground assets and is integrated with standard surveying equipment.
  • Cable and Pipeline Positioning

    The Spar 300 products provide an accurate and efficient way of surveying underground cables and pipelines with the surveyed location and depth immediately available in any standard local coordinate system.
  • Sonde Tracking in Pipelines and Ducts

    Surveying non-metallic pipelines and ducts is fully supported by the Spar 300. A variety of sondes is available to meet different job requirements, from small medium-frequency to efficient low-frequency sondes.
  • Dual Spar Line and Sonde Tracking

    Two Spar 300 receivers are capable of seamless collaboration in order to significantly extend the measurement range beyond a single receiver, allowing deep utilities, utilities with restricted access and underwater utilities to be surveyed accurately.
  • Underwater Utility Surveying

    The Underwater Rig allows utilities in deeper water to be surveyed efficiently and accurately. The rig is submerged in the water and may be towed along the utility or fixed mounted on a boat, ROV or other vessel.
  • Underground utilities that can carry current are easily surveyed using Optimal Ranging's line positioning methods.
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    Line Positioning

  • Non-metallic utilities such as plastic pipes and concrete ducts can be surveyed using Optimal Ranging's point tracking methods.
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    Point Tracking

  • Optimal Ranging offers a range of equipment designed for challenging underwater applications, such as in coastal ocean waters, rivers, lakes, canals, creeks and bays.
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    Underwater Locating

Utility Surveying - Overview

Utility Surveying Video

Trimble Access Integration

Trimble Access is today's standard for surveying the location of above-ground assets. Optimal Ranging's Spar 300 products are fully integrated with this environment and extend its capabilities to underground utilities, yielding accurate 3-D coordinates of those assets in a CAD-compatible format. See more in the Software Overview...

Technology and Quality Assessment

Optimal Ranging's technology is based on the same principles as traditional underground locating methods, but extends it in several ways. Every measurement is accompanied by an error estimate, allowing the user to quantitatively assess the quality of their measurements, allows locating away from the centerline, and is fully integrated into the surveying workflow. See more in the Technology Overview...

Extended Range and Accuracy

The novel collaborative deployment of two Spar receivers  significantly extends the measurement range of traditional locating methods. This makes accurate locating and mapping of deep utilities possible, as well as enabling the surveyor to work around restricted or inaccessible areas. Read more in the Spar 300 product description...

Efficient Underwater Surveying

Optimal Ranging's highly specialized underwater equipment saves significant time and effort when surveying utilities in deep or inaccessible water, reducing or removing the need for deploying divers or other labor-intensive methods. Read more in the Underwater Rig section...